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What is your normal turnaround time for dry cleaning?

We can usually have your garments ready in two days’ time, e.g. if you drop off your clothes or at our shop in Ellerslie on Monday and we’ll have your dry cleaning or laundry ready by Wednesday afternoon. We can also do a next day service, or even a same day service, depending on what time of the day you drop off (or what time you call us if you are a corporate customer). Express service (e.g: within 3 hours) is also possible on a case by case basis. Big items, such as household items or really dirty garments, require an extra day.

What is dry cleaning anyway and what does it involve?

Dry cleaning is a misnomer in that it really involves the use of a liquid solvent, but without any water component, so it is like “dry” cleaning.  The dry cleaning machine looks similar to a washing machine except it has an additional clothes drying function, so the dry cleaned items come out completely dry. The solvent is well contained inside the machine and does not get drained out into the environment.

What items are best to be dry cleaned?

Any items that ordinary washing will damage should be dry cleaned.  Water damage can include shrinkage, piling, fraying and wrinkling and discolouring of fabrics.  Items suitable for dry cleaning include suit jacket and trousers, waistcoat, knitwear, shirts, overcoat, delicate dresses, a host of household items and anything that contain natural fibre such as wool, silk, cotton, linen, ramie, rayon or blends of these fibre.

Does frequent dry cleaning shorten a garment’s lifespan?

Not at all, in fact quite the contrary; very infrequent cleaning of garments will actually shorten a garment’s life. The dirt on the garment sets and if it is not removed within a short period, damages the fabric over time. So always clean your garments whenever possible to prevent dirt from oxidising, setting onto the fabric and causing damage.

Why can’t you guarantee to get stains out?

While we do our very best to remove stains, through the best methods possible, there can be instances where the stains are so ingrained into the fabric or the fabric is of such nature that it is almost impossible to remove the stains SAFELY.  In this situation, trying stronger chemicals can run the risk of damaging the material itself and/or discolouring the fabric.  We take any promise we make very seriously, and so we do not guarantee on results.  But we can guarantee our effort, even if that means dry cleaning your items twice or even three times.

Can stains be removed from household items?

Dry cleaning of furnishings and household items can make them look fresh, revitalised and extremely clean.  Except for small specific stains, the stain-removal service is usually not applied to household items as they are usually extensive compared to garments and so is not commercially viable.  Stains on thick items such as duvets will usually fade a little, but if the stains are extensive, heavy or old, they will mostly remain.

Why are there some spots after dry cleaning when there weren’t before?

Sometimes spots appear following the cleaning process, in spite of the fact that food or beverages that had been dropped on the garment were wiped away and not visible at the time.  These are commonly known as “invisible stains”.  When the invisibly-stained spots are mixed with steam or heat from the dry cleaning process, the spots can turn into a different colour making them visible.  Most of the time, these spots can be removed through repeated treatment, but if they have already oxidised and penetrated into the fabric, then there is no sure way of removing the spots.

Do you do pickup and delivery?

Yes, we do pickup and delivery for people at their workplaces, whether they are in offices or in factories. For more information, check out our dry cleaning services.

Clothing Care Tip

When wearing silk or rayon/viscose garments, apply perfume, cologne, deodorant and hair spray before dressing to prevent colour loss and staining.

Dry Cleaning Process


What is dry cleaning? To protect your work clothes, suits, jackets, drapes, rugs, designer clothing, wedding dress or delicates, we clean without water. Call us and talk to us about cleaning and looking after your special garments.