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Dry Cleaning

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Why get my clothes dry cleaned?

Certain fabrics can get ruined through regular washing in water at home, which is why you need to get them dry cleaned by skilled professionals.  The dry cleaning solvent does not contain water and cleanses your garment without causing the shrinkage or damage that water can.

The whole cleaning process also involves pre-spotting and specialty stain removal agents are used to treat stains.  The garments are then placed in a dry cleaning or wet cleaning machine and immersed in a solvent that naturally protects the colour and texture of the fabric. Often we dry clean / wet clean more than once until we are satisfied with the results, or with the knowledge that no more can be done.

The finishing is superb; state-of-the-art equipment is used by our highly skilled presser to make your garments look as sharp as they can be.


Our dry cleaning services have kept Auckland and Ellerslie residents clean & sharp for over 40 years. We can pick up and deliver dry cleaning to your work.

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Curtains and drapes

Curtains are an investment. Home washing machines are usually too small to fit your drapes, and forcefully washing them at home can cause damage to both your washing machine and the curtains. We take extra special care in cleaning your curtains. We select the best methods for the type of material to reduce the damage ordinary home cleaning could cause.  We always make sure we communicate clearly to you about what to expect in curtain and drape cleaning process.  

Wedding gowns

We understand your wedding gown may just be the most precious garment you will ever wear in your lifetime.  After your wedding, you may like to preserve your wedding gown to pass onto the next generation or just to retain a happy memory. Our wedding gown cleaning service can help you achieve just that.  We meticulously inspect the wedding dress at drop-off and carefully hand clean every area, taking care of delicate items such as beads, sequins, lace and embellishments. The finishing of the wedding dress is superbly carried out by our highly skilled presser and, if requested, the dress can be carefully boxed with acid free, moisture absorbing paper for extra preservation.

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Cleaning of leather or suede

We can provide professional cleaning on all leather or suede products, not just garments.  Our leathersmith is very experienced and will ensure a quality job is done. Your valuable leather or suede will come back looking almost like new.


Leave the cleaning of your valuable rugs to the experts. We’ll clean your rugs using heavy duty machines with industrial strength chemicals.  Your rugs will be well disinfected and come out as clean and smart as they can possibly be.

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Corporates – Dry cleaning pickup and delivery service

Work late? Get stuck in traffic? Got to pick the family up? Your local dry cleaners will probably be closed by the time you get there (or not yet open when you leave home for work). Why not save yourself the stress and the hassle? Our dry cleaning services can come to you. Get your dry cleaning items picked up and delivered to your workplace. We already provide such service to offices, factories and institutions.

Our pickup and delivery services are FREE, and our van routes span Auckland: the CBD, Westgate in the west, out to Botany in the east and down to Manukau Central in the south. It’s a great idea. Call us to inquire about our free pickup, delivery and dry cleaning services today!

Clothing Care Tip

Never dab water on oil based stains, as water sets the oil into the fabric.

A stain can also become permanently when in contact with a heat source, such as home ironing.

Dry Cleaning Services


Our dry cleaning services have kept Auckland and Ellerslie residents clean & sharp for over 40 years. We can pick up and deliver dry cleaning to your work.

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